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Safety and Advice

Discover insider safety tips and advice to help you better prepare for your travels.

Great escape destinations

The clouds have parted, the rains are clearing, and the promise of Summer is in the air. If you haven’t been out in the caravan for a while, start Spring cleaning - get your RV, packing lists and travel plans in order for the road beckons!

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Traveling with pets – they’re part of the family too!

For many people, pets are more than simply animals; they’re much loved family members and companions. We share our homes and our lives with them. We play and laugh together, and when things aren’t great, our pets are the kind of friend that doesn’t have to say a thing – they’re just ‘there’. So when you plan your next caravanning trip, plan to take your best friend with you!

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Driving techniques

Many newcomers to caravanning are concerned with the prospect of towing or manoeuvring a car and caravan combination. The problems that are sometimes encountered may be due to incompatible vehicle combination, incorrect loading, lack of proper towing equipment or simply a lack of skills.

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How to save money whilst travelling on the road

The reason you go caravanning is to enjoy this great country in an affordable way. Along the way there are several ways to make your dollar take you further.

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Safety – Fire prevention

The possibility of a fire in a caravan or camper is generally very remote, but it should not be ignored. Consider the caravan or camper you own or are thinking of buying.

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Keep safe in your caravan this summer

There are more than 330,000# caravans and recreational vehicles (RVs) registered in Australia, with up to 80,000# being used by holidaymakers and travellers on any given day.

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Don’t let summer storms spoil your fun

Summer may be the perfect time for setting off on a caravanning holiday, but we all know warmer weather can also bring sudden storms and heavy rains. With experts predicting a high likelihood of severe storms this season, CIL Insurance would like to remind you how to prepare for storms, hail or flooding now, and what to do if severe weather strikes while you’re on the road.

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CIL claims team: tips from the frontline

For over 50 years, the CIL Claims Team has helped thousands of travelers get their caravans back on the road. As Australia’s leading Caravan and RV Insurer, CIL Claims have seen it all.

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