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At CIL Insurance there probably isn't a claim that we haven't seen before. But more often than not the most common claims are simple things that in many instances could have been averted, so here are some tips on how to avoid the most common insurance claims and keep your caravan on the road.

Pre Trip Safety check

Don’t leave home without doing a pre trip safety check. Just a couple of simple checks could make all the difference to you getting there safely.It sounds routine but all too often we don’t do the simple checks and it can have major consequences, so do a pre trip safety check before you take off.

  • Check the wheel nuts before you go and they should be checked every 300km
  • Check your tyre pressures regularly
  • Check the van to make sure that the door and windows are locked, awning in the lock position, indicators and brake lights working, safety chains attached, roof locked, clear view from mirrors, gas is turned off.
  • Check the load height and make sure it’s spread evenly and not over loaded.

Storm Damage to Awning/Annexe

Most awnings and annexes are by their very nature fragile as they are an attachment to the caravan, so when there is a significant change in weather, they are the first thing exposed to high winds and rain/hail. Depending on the type of weather alert, all caravanners should be watchful of changes in weather and  not wait until the last moment to retract/pull down their awning and annex.

Water damage/leaks due to storm

After a storm it is important that you check the inside of your van for damage, in particular water damage. On many occasions the exterior appears OK, only to subsequently discover some time later that water damage has occurred and remained undetected creating further damage. A quick inspection post storm, even when at home, will ensure that you have not incurred any damage. As part of your regular caravan servicing we suggest that you have the seals checked and replaced if necessary.  Water damage in many instances can be prevented.

Loss of control/rollover

One of the most difficult experiences for new and even experienced caravanners is when travelling down an incline, or being overtaken by a semi-trailer on a freeway. The wind gusts created by these other larger vehicles travelling in either direction can cause the van to start swaying.  This can be quite unnerving as the RV becomes difficult to control.  In the worst instance, this could result in a rollover or damage to your van – and even your car. Installing an AL-KO Electronic Stability Control device will help to prevent loss of control and rollovers, by automatically responding to caravan swaying. Driver training with an accredited towing course can also assist you in learning how to handle these situations and avoid accidents or damage to your caravan.

Stolen vans from storage/remote sites

Just because your van is in a storage yard or kept in a remote location does not mean that it can’t or won’t be stolen. Some form of van security is required wherever you keep your van.  There are many security options available for every type of van and something is better than nothing, such as a tow hitch lock. Do everything you can to make it difficult for thieves, like making sure your caravan is facing in rather than out, so as they can’t just hitch up and tow away.

Under insurance of contents

It is very common for people to take the minimum level of contents cover without considering the real value of the contents that go into their caravan. Experienced caravanners know that one of the real advantages of CIL Insurance is the up to $1,000 included contents cover available, and the option to take out  additional cover that reflects the value of their contents. As you would with your home contents insurance, take the time to calculate the value of items in your van so you can adjust the contents cover accordingly and be fully insured against loss or damage. And remember to always lock your van whenever you leave it and place high value items inside - such as generators, particularly if your annexe doesn’t have hard walls.

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