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The checklist items listed below are only suggestions and can be altered to suit individual requirements.


  • Fuel tank(s) full and spare fuel if travelling long distances
  • Oil level - engine and transmission
  • Coolant level
  • Condition of all hoses
  • Fan belt tension and condition
  • Brake fluid level
  • Tyre pressures
  • Operation of lights
  • Mirrors secured and adjusted
  • Insect screen in front of radiator

Caravan Interior

  • Cupboards and drawers securely closed
  • Table secured
  • Refrigerator - check that the containers with liquids are sealed and lock door
  • Hatches and windows closed
  • No loose items in cupboards or on shelves
  • Fire extinguisher fitted

Caravan Exterior

1.  Prior to holiday

  • Gas bottle filled and secured
  • Water tank filled
  • Brakes checked and adjusted
  • Wheel bearings adjusted
  • Spring shackles lubricated (this is easier if van is jacked up to remove load off shackles)
  • Wheel nuts tight
  • Condition of tyres

2.  Before moving off

  • Jockey wheel removed or secured
  • Lights operating correctly
  • Gas turned off
  • Tyres inflated correctly
  • Doors locked and steps raised
  • Jacks raised or safety stands removed
  • Wheel chocks removed
  • Hand brake released
  • Electrical connection between car and van secured
  • 240V electrical lead disconnected
  • Water and/or sullage hose disconnected
  • Towing equipment correctly fitted
  • Safety chains secured


  • Fan belt and radiator hoses
  • Engine oil
  • Coolant
  • Spare wheel and tyre to suit caravan
  • Tube to suit car and caravan tyre
  • Insulating tape
  • Electrical wire
  • Tow rope

Tools and Equipment

  • General assortment of hand tools to suit sizes on car and caravan
  • Tyre levers (2)
  • Wheel brace to suit wheel nuts on car and caravan
  • Jack to suit car and caravan
  • Tyre gauge
  • Wheel chocks
  • Blocks for placing under corner jacks, stands for wheels for soft ground or unlevel site

Other Considerations

  • Check the weather forecast for your destination and driving conditions before setting out
  • Give a friend or family member who's staying home a copy of your itinerary, including a contact phone number and details of where you'll be staying
  • Learn the basics of First Aid so that you can feel confident in an emergency. The Red Cross offers courses in basic first aid
  • Learn campfire safety to help you keep the fire in the fire ring and prevent spreading
  • Respect the rights of other people like yourself enjoying a caravan holiday

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