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CIL claims team: tips from the frontline

For over 50 years, the CIL Claims Team has helped thousands of travelers get their caravans back on the road. As Australia’s leading Caravan and RV Insurer, CIL Claims have seen it all. Here we share 3 of the most common types of claims - representing over 75% of claims received by CIL Insurance. We hope our experience, and that of the caravanners before you, will reduce the chances of them occurring to you.


It’s no surprise that storms, hail and flood are amongst the highest cause of insurance claims in Australia. Weather, and particularly sudden changes in weather, can be catastrophic. But there are a few tips that could help you avoid damage to your caravan or RV.

  1. Always check out the surroundings when parking your caravan or motorhome. Beautiful treed sites or positions too close to a river can be a recipe for disaster if the weather turns nasty. So keep an eye on the weather and consider your options when parking.

  2. Before you head off it’s always best to check the J-Moulds/ seals on your caravan. If they’re worn, have them serviced otherwise water will find a way of getting into your caravan during a storm and can cause major damage. Remember, just like your car insurance, general wear and tear and the subsequent damage caused by failing to maintain your vehicle often isn’t an insurable incident. So check your RV regularly, especially if parked outdoors and exposed to sun and weather over extended periods of time.

  3. If at all possible, store your caravan under cover when you’re not travelling during winter. A bad hailstorm might only cause what appears to be cosmetic damage, but the repair bill can often exceed the value of the caravan.

Hitting a stationary object

It’s not always easy to maneuver a caravan. Even experienced drivers have hit that unsighted pole in a caravan park, or even worse, a petrol pump. A really good option to help avoid situations like these and expand driver visibility is to install a camera on the rear of your caravan, or additional mirrors to assist you when driving & parking in tight situations.

Accidental damage

This type of damage occurs in many forms including damage to your caravan contents, for example, generators, portable fridges, and even bicycles on board. Although you might be careful with your valuables, quite often accidental damage claims are the result of someone else causing damage to your caravan or motorhome. So insure your RV and your contents and get peace of my mind.

Finally, it’s always important that you read and familiarise yourself with your insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) found under each of our Vehicles Covered, or ask us if you have any questions.

And should you ever need to make a claim anywhere in Australia, 24/7, be assured that we’re only a free call away on 1800 112 481.

Happy and safe travels, from the CIL Claims Team!

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