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Safety and Advice

Discover insider safety tips and advice to help you better prepare for your travels.


Considering the importance of safety, the most suitable towing vehicle is one which is heavier than the caravan or trailer it tows and which has enough power to permit quick and safe passing manoeuvres.

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Towing – Sway controls

Sway is the side to side movement of the rear of the caravan or camper trailer. This movement is sometimes referred to as snaking and can result in complete loss of control.

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Towing – Towbars and hitches

A towbar is to a car and caravan what glue is to two pieces of timber. Use the wrong glue and the timber will come apart. Fit the wrong towbar to a car and the caravan may not stay in place.

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Top tips for dealing with a breakdown

Owning motorhome truly is your ticket to see every inch of Australia. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that leisure vehicles are not infallible. If you do breakdown, you need to be prepared to handle it – especially if you’re travels are taking you off the beaten track.

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Safety – Gas

L.P.G. Liquefied Petroleum Gas, is convenient, clean, relatively inexpensive and for most caravanners or campers readily available. However, it is also flammable. Check out some hints which will help keep your system operating safely and efficiently.

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Safety – Electrical

The electrical system in a caravan should be checked regularly. Because a caravan is constantly on the move it is possible for connections to come loose due to vibrations. If the van or camper trailer is a pre-owned unit it should be inspected to ensure that fittings are of the type approved for caravan use.

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Are we there yet?

Over the years there have been untold numbers of articles and tips on the do’s and don’ts of travelling with kids. So rather than go over old ground, let’s take a fresh look at the whole travelling by car/caravanning holiday.

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Bushfire safety travel tips

Summer is the perfect season to explore the great outdoors. With thousands of holiday makers planning trips to bushfire prone locations, Fire Authorities have issued some timely advice on how you can stay safe this summer.

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