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Summer may be the perfect time for setting off on a caravanning holiday, but we all know warmer weather can also bring sudden storms and heavy rains.

How to Save Money Whilst Travelling on the Road

The reason you go caravanning is to enjoy this great country in an affordable way. Along the way there are several ways to make your dollar take you further. Some of these might be very familiar, even if you pick up one or two tips that help save some money then you're in front.

Tyre Care

The part that tyres play in providing car and caravan safety is more important than any other single component. A vehicle can only accelerate, brake or steer if the correct contact exists between the tyre and the road. Also if the tyres are not inflated correctly, or are the wrong type, the stability and ride of the vehicle can be affected. Considering that at 80 km/h the average tyre rotates 40,000 times per hour, it can be appreciated that proper care is very important in ensuring a trouble-free journey.

Suspension Modification

Many vehicle owners feel that it is necessary to fit stronger springs to the back of their car or 4WD in order to tow a caravan. The justification is that the back of the car goes down when the caravan is lowered on the towball. If the vehicle is a few years old and the springs have sagged a little then replacing the springs may be a worthwhile modification.

Braking Systems

For many years now, caravans and camper trailers have been fitted with electric brakes. These braking systems are efficient and easy to maintain. However, to enable the electric trailer brakes to function an electric brake controller must be installed in the towing vehicle. This is a job that should be left to an auto electrician or someone experienced with electrical systems in modern cars.

Driving Techniques

Many newcomers to caravanning are concerned with the prospect of towing or manoeuvring a car and caravan combination. The problems that are sometimes encountered may be due to incompatible vehicle combination, incorrect loading, lack of proper towing equipment or simply a lack of skills. Once the above points have been fixed and a little common sense is used, towing a caravan or camper trailer need not be any more difficult than driving a car by itself.

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