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Top tips for dealing with a breakdown

Owning motorhome truly is your ticket to see every inch of Australia. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that leisure vehicles are not infallible. If you do breakdown, you need to be prepared to handle it – especially if you’re travels are taking you off the beaten track.

To help you out, here are our top tips for motorhome breakdowns.

  1. Plan ahead: This doesn’t mean simply keeping a reflective jacket, warm waterproof clothes and a torch in your motorhome in case of breakdown – it also means you should have an idea of what can go wrong and devise strategies to handle them. For example, have you planned your distance from the next petrol station? Planning your trip carefully will help you to avoid a hassle like a breakdown in the first place.
  2. Look after your vehicle: Completing a series of check on your motorhome before you set off will minimise the likelihood of problems sneaking up on you. Check your tyres, spare wheel, engine oil, water and battery. Much better to discover an issue before you get on the road than getting stuck on a roadside.
  3. Have breakdown support: Whether it’s through your insurance or simple roadside assist, ensure you have it. Put the number of your breakdown company and your membership number in your phone. Some breakdown services offer free mobile phone apps, often even if you’re not a member. Use the phone’s GPS system to find your precise location.
  4. Take care exiting the mortorhome: Get out of the vehicle by the left-hand door and make sure all your passengers do the same. If you have a high-viz jacket, put it on and make sure everyone is standing well away from moving traffic. If there’s a safety barrier, wait behind it.
  5. Call for assistance: Don’t attempt a repair on the hard shoulder of a motorway, call your breakdown company. Where possible, coast to an emergency telephone. If you use your mobile phone, you may be asked to give the number on the nearest marker post, located every 100 meters or on a square blue sign every 500 metres.
  6. Safety first: Be safe and be patient while you wait for help to arrive. If you feel threatened by someone, get in the passenger seat, lock the door and dial 000.

Breaking down is stressful, but being prepared and knowing what to do and when will help you keep calm and get back to holidaying as soon and safely as possible.

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