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The clouds have parted, the rains are clearing, and the promise of Summer is in the air.  If you haven’t been out in the caravan for a while, start Spring cleaning - get your RV, packing lists and travel plans in order for the road beckons!

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The magic of caravanning and camping is not just in the freedom of travel and escape to a simpler way of living – even just for a few days -but it’s also the ingenuity and creativity inspired from the need to travel light.

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For many people, pets are more than simply animals; they’re much loved family members and companions.  We share our homes and our lives with them.  We play and laugh together, and when things aren’t great, our pets are the kind of friend that doesn’t have to say a thing – they’re just ‘there’. So when you plan your next caravanning trip, plan to take your best friend with you!

Over the years there have been untold numbers of articles and tips on the do’s and don’ts of travelling with kids.  So rather than go over old ground, let’s take a fresh look at the whole travelling by car/caravanning holiday.

There are more than 330,000# caravans and recreational vehicles (RVs) registered in Australia, with up to 80,000# being used by holidaymakers and travellers on any given day.

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A Caravan or RV becomes your home away from home when holidaying around Australia. Inside are probably all the creature comforts that help make your holiday, and life on the road easy. Maybe some special purchases that remind you of the places you’ve been and things you’ve seen. A digital camera, or two, and perhaps even a laptop to write that travel blog and keep in touch with family and friends.

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