You’ve insured your caravan, but how important are your contents?

A Caravan or RV becomes your home away from home when holidaying around Australia. Inside are probably all the creature comforts that help make your holiday, and life on the road easy. Maybe some special purchases that remind you of the places you’ve been and things you’ve seen. A digital camera, or two, and perhaps even a laptop to write that travel blog and keep in touch with family and friends.

When you start to evaluate how much the contents of your caravan or RV would be worth the dollars really do begin to add up and, according to leading caravan and RV insurer, CIL Insurance, there are a growing number of people who are unprepared when the unexpected does happen. CIL Insurance offers customers broad caravan and RV contents cover and a specialist team are on hand to take care of every insurance need.

“We find that customers tend to under estimate the dollar amount of the contents they have in their caravans and RVs” said CIL Insurance Executive Manager Andrew O’Hara. “We try and encourage customers to sit down with pen and paper and spend some time evaluating everything that is inside their caravan or RV in much the same way that they would evaluate their home contents. They are then in a better position to stipulate a more realistic dollar amount that would be their sum insured for contents – leaving no surprises when either a theft occurs or an accident happens” said Mr O’Hara.

Taking the right steps to ensure that the contents of your caravan or RV are safe is the best deterrent for thieves. “It’s one thing to have adequate contents insurance, but we would always encourage people to secure belongings inside a locked caravan or RV" said Mr O’Hara. “We have had customers who have left expensive items in an unlocked caravan assuming that they would be safe and unfortunately, they have found out the hard way that this isn’t always the case. My advice to caravan or RV owners - firstly, make sure you have adequate insurance to cover all your valuable items, and secondly, always lock up before leaving” said Mr O’Hara.

Source: Editorial

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