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WAECO PerfectView Reversing Video System

Whether in tight parking spaces or on difficult terrain, reversing always proves to be a challenge especially when towing a caravan, camper trailer or boat.  With the new WAECO PerfectView RVS 550 and RVS 750X, you will have the ease and peace of mind when reversing.

With the choice of either a 5” or 7” colour monitor (M 5L or M 7LX) in a silver/grey matt colour finish, both units boast features that are sure to please.  Features like a built in USB charger output, illuminated buttons and a black screen.  The brightness of the monitor adapts automatically to the ambient light.  The monitor features control cables which allows the camera to be activated automatically and has the connection for two cameras if required. (The M 7LX has three camera inputs).

Another reason why the RVS 550 or RVS 750X will be a great addition to your vehicle, is that it comes standard with an Easylink connector.  The Easylink system allows the monitor to be easily removed from the monitor bracket as it has no cables coming out of the monitor, therefore you can remove it to protect it from theft, use in another vehicle or just remove it after you have finished towing.

The colour camera with SONY CCD picture sensor (CAM 50C) is sturdy and has die-cast housing with a sun protection shield.  It comes standard with an integrated water tight microphone encased in the aluminium housing so you can transmit image and sound to the monitor via the cable. The camera has a wide viewing angle 120° (diagonal). 

To help with visibility at night the camera comes with built-in infrared LEDs.

Best of all the RVS 550 and RVS 750X come standard with one common connector for all cameras and monitors.

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