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AntennaTek Signal Commander 550 by Dometic

HDTV at your beck and call

Take a little bit of home comfort with you on your next road trip adventure with the release of the new AntennaTek Signal Commander 550.

Designed to provide the highest quality television picture and sound, you don’t need to miss your favorite HDTV and digital TV programs when travelling in residential and remote areas. Built with a signal amplifier optimized to provide maximum gain with minimum noise the AntennaTek Signal Commander 550 will give you crystal clear picture on your TV.

Installation of the AntennaTek Signal Commander 550 is a simple process for any owner and takes minimal time to complete. Running off a 12 volts DC power supply the antenna can be raised, lowered and rotated from the comfort of inside the vehicle for optimum tuning of any TV channel. Even better once you’re ready to travel it can be lowered to rest on the top of your vehicle resulting is a low profile only approx. 10cm.

The AntennaTek Signal Commander 550 can rotate 350 degrees and has a frequency range 40–900Mhz. It can receive both in horizontal and vertical polarity areas.

Feature list

AntennaTek Signal Commander 550

  • Dimensions: W203mm x H914mm (raised), 101mm (lowered)
  • Weight: approx. 3kg
  • Gain: VHF : 16.5 dB / UHF : 21.0 dB
  • Frequency range: 40 – 900Mhz
  • RRP:$349


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