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AL-KO Anti-Theft System (ATS) – Ultimate theft protection

The AL-KO Anti-Theft System (ATS) provides the most effective way of protecting your investment from theft. The AL-KO ATS incorporates state of the art GPS tracking in addition to Microdot technology to provide multi-level protection.

The anti-theft system includes:

Global GPS tracking device

The Black Knight is a world first purposely designed GPS global tracking device using state of the art M2M technology for communications. The tiny tracking device is positioned in a hidden place on the vehicle. Once activated, if the vehicle is moved, the device alarm system is triggered allowing the owner to track their device in real time via smartphone,tablet or laptop. State of the art benefits include:

  • No data limits or text messaging charges

    No requirement to arrange a separate SIM card with a plan.Vodafone M2M arrangement for unlimited data built in. Low monthly subscription fee only.

  • Global coverage

    Can be used overseas without data roaming or hidden charges.

  • Geofence alarm feature

    Alerts the owner when the device has moved beyond its defined ‘parking spot’ - Precision tracking to 5 metres accuracy.

  • Real-time tracking via dedicated app

    Geo position updates sent every 15 seconds for real time tracking via the Black Knight App. Provides history of distance travelled & stopping time.

  • Instant connectivity – 12 months coverage built-in
    Simple activation.

NanoTag® microdot Technology

The NanoTag® microdot technology provides proof of identity of your assets. It allows you to tag your vehicle and belongings with NanoTag® microdots to allow you to prove ownership to the police in the event of theft. Benefits include:

  • Tagging wand

    Contains thousands of microscopic NanoTag® dots etched with a unique security identification number. This code is simply brushed onto your assets to become your very own DNA footprint.

  • View scope

    Includes a device for viewing microdots to demonstrate to police the proof of ownership of the marked assets.

  • Police registration

    Your unique dots are registered with the Police so that you can be alerted if your property is found.

  • Real-time tracking via dedicated app

    Your NanoTag® dots feature the same security code as your Black Knight tracker, allowing real time tracking in the event of theft.

AL-KO Anti-Theft System (ATS) logo

MADE UNDER LICENCE TO AL-KO BY BLACK KNIGHT GLOBAL TRACKING SYSTEMSDesigned by NanoTag® Technology Pty Ltd. PO Box Q755 QVB Sydney NSW 1230 Australia. Assembled in China. Activate at For more information visit

Feature list

AL-KO Anti-Theft System (ATS)

  • Global Tracker + Accessories: Ultimate peace of mind in a tiny box! Precision GPS mapping worldwide, no global roaming fees!
  • Instant Connectivity: Real-Time tracking via web, tablet or smartphone. Activate via
  • NanoTag Asset Security Kit: Forensic proof of ID for your assets. Covert microdot tagging by NanoTag®


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