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Truma Electroboiler (Electric water heater system)

With its high quality insulation, energy efficiency and minimal heat loss, the Truma Electroboiler (Electric water heater system) impresses its users and provides hot water throughout the day with minimum reheating time required.

At only 3 kg, not only is it very lightweight but has a full water capacity of 14 litres. With long heat storage, it means that reheating will take next to no time. The Truma Electroboiler has high quality insulation which means minimal heat loss – just 1°C per hour!

The special insulation is made with EPP foam (Expanded Polypropylene). An environmentally friendly product, it can be recycled easily and is 100% non-toxic. The tank is made of stainless steel which is also corrosion resistant making it safe for water drinking or cooking.

The Truma Electroboiler heats up water with a powerful 850 watt element allowing for short heating times. To reach approx. 70°C will only take around 70 minutes from cold.

Never a long wait for a nice hot shower! It also has low power consumption. At 3.7 A (AC 240 V) it will not only save energy but money too.

Another great feature is its easy, straightforward and fast installation.

Feature list

Truma Electroboiler

  • Water capacity: 14 litres
  • Dimensions: 450 x H295 mm
  • Water pressure: Max. 2.8 bar
  • Current consumption: (240 V) 3.7 A
  • Electric heating element: AC 240 volts ~ (850 W)
  • Heating time: 60° C to approx. 70° C = 70 min


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