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New Dometic 8 series absorption refrigerators

Dometic Australia has recently released 3 new 8 series models that are easy to use, stylish and efficient. Innovative designs and with colourful accents transform these high quality appliances into stylish design pieces. The refrigerator interiors feature an illuminated interior light in ice blue that provides light using energy efficient LEDs.

The 8 series RM 8501 and RML 8551 refrigerator feature a world first – removable freezer compartment which is patented by Dometic worldwide. An innovative clip system facilitates quick and simple removal of the freezer compartment. This allows the refrigerator cooling compartment to be expanded into the freezer area giving you a single area refrigerator. Removing the freezer area also reduces the power consumption.

All 3 models feature ergonomic door shelves with spill protection and modular shelving. Another great feature is the flexible arrangement of shelves. They are easy to remove allowing shelves to be positioned as needed. Just like at home......

Built with innovative travel door locking with vent system provides practicality and convenience for daily use. The new door catch can be set to vent position for optimum ventilation when the refrigerator in not in use. All refrigerators feature a designer control panel which is integrated elegantly into the refrigerator cabinet.

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