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New CaraD-600F Door by Dometic

The CaraD door heralds a new era in caravan doors. A key feature of the door that sets it apart from other doors is its highly resistant safety mesh. Tested by an independent company in Germany, the door can withstand 180Joules of impact. This is well above the Australian recommended standard of 100Joules.

“We want to ensure safety and comfort for all our customers, we are the only company within the RV industry that test all our products, we put this door through wind tunnel testing, exposing the door to 140km winds. No other company on the market undertakes this kind of testing,” said Brad Slater Regional Manager RVOE Asia Pacific- Dometic.

Unlike other caravan doors on the market, both panels on the CaraD door have been safety tested and are virtually indestructible. Traditionally, caravan doors have two panels with the outer panel providing the safety element and the thin inner mesh door used only to let air in. In comparison, the inner panel of the CaraD door has safety mesh that can withstand the weight of a grown adult- this means you can let air into your caravan and know that your valuables are safe.

Another safety feature is the four point locking system, the CaraD is the only door on the caravan market with a four point locking system, and an easy to operate chrome door leaver- this ensures extra safety and comfort when travelling.

The CaraD is modern in design and includes a stylish integrated blind, which also provides block out. Dometic Project Manager Nicolas Chevalier commented, “What really sets the CaraD apart from other doors on the market is its modern European design.”

Feature list

Door sizes

  • Dimensions: W622 x H1750mm
  • Colour; White

Front panel

The opening panel is available in:

  • Black glass (only on 1750 cut out)
  • White alucobond panel with acrylic window (available for both cut out sizes and suitable for decal application)


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