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Goldstream Cutaway Caravan

  • Goldstream Cutaway Caravan

Goldstream RV has established itself in the competitive off road caravan market by supplying a product that does what it is intended to do….go off road.  This van is set up with a split front and side kitchen offering loads of bench space around the cooking and cleaning appliances. 

The shower and toilet is neatly tucked into the front corner and has the hand basin behind the rear of the toilet. The shower curtain keeps the toilet area dry while in use.  On the right hand of the door as you enter is the large café seating area for two people with a tri fold table. This makes use of all the floor space available by being able to fold the table back on top of itself and creating a relaxing space to sit back and put your feet up.

At the rear of the van is the queen size lift up bed with a wardrobe on each side for his and hers hanging essentials. What makes this van stand out is the striking decals incorporating the use of black alloy wheels, windows, door and corner moulds along with the angled rear side and back of the van, hence the cutaway. To back this all up Goldstream RV have invested in only the best coil independent suspension for a quality ride and a laminated galvanized floor to protect what stones and water can do to the underneath of a van and of course the double ply walls which has been a unique part of Goldstream RVs off road units for nearly 20 years now.

The full range of Goldstream RV ‘Australis’ caravans in either on road, bush pack or off road models can be viewed at a dealer near you or visit and see where Goldstream RV can take you on your next big adventure.

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