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Caravan & RV Product Reviews

CIL Insurance Product Reviews.

Truma Electroboiler

With its high quality insulation, energy efficiency and minimal heat loss, the Truma Electroboiler (Electric water heater system) impresses its users and provides hot water throughout the day with minimum reheating time required.

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New CaraD-600F Door by Dometic

The CaraD door heralds a new era in caravan doors. A key feature of the door that sets it apart from other doors is its highly resistant safety mesh. Tested by an independent company in Germany, the door can withstand 180Joules of impact. This is well above the Australian recommended standard of 100Joules.

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Truma Saphir Underbunk Air Conditioner

The high power performance of the Truma Saphir means that it is able to provide sufficient cooling, right through to the last corner of your RV. Enjoy all the benefits and the confidence of knowing you have a winner on board.

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Sovereign BBQ’s and grills

Dometic Group are proud to distribute the superb and well known range of Sovereign BBQs and Grills purpose built for all outdoor cooking applications.

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Boomerang Outdoor Products: Crab bags

Carry your crab nets on the outside of your car or van and keep the smell out!

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All new Dometic RM 5310 three-way 5-series absorption refrigerator

The new Dometic three-way 5-series RM 5310 features contemporary looks and many strong features for a 60 litre refrigerator.

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Go anywhere with WAECO Portable Solar

Do you enjoy free camping or travelling to remote places where power is not available? WAECO Portable solar panels are now available to take you to places where you could not go before without the stress of wondering whether or not your car battery can handle your needs

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The new WAECO CoolMatic HDC compressor refrigerators are top of the range in cooling for your RV and provide reliable operation even in tilted positions and high ambient temperatures.

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