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Tips from the CIL Claims team

As Australia’s leading Caravan and RV Insurer, the CIL Claims team have seen it all and helped thousands of travellers get their caravans back on the road.More often than not the most common claims are simple things that in many instances could have been averted, so the CIL Claims team have put together some tips to help avoid common claims and keep your caravan on the road.

Roof and body seals

To maintain the integrity of roof and body seals, an annual service is strongly recommended. This will identify any leaks where water can enter. The service should include removing any build-up of dust or dirt that may, over time, interfere with seals. Checking your caravan for water leaks prior to commencing a trip will also help by preventing any unwanted water leaks while travelling. Other areas to check are around windows, hatches, pipes, storage compartments and air conditioning units, both internally and externally, to detect any early signs of water entry.


Regularly ventilating your caravan or RV while in long term storage will aid with the prevention of damp and mould. Ensure your caravan or camper trailer has been aired and is dry before storing. Signs of damp within your caravan may be a sign of water ingress. Regular inspections will avoid costly damage and allow you to fully enjoy your caravan or RV.

Service documents

Retaining all service history documents in relation to your caravan, either for mechanical or seal maintenance, can assist with the claims process and may be requested should you make a claim.

This advice is general only and is not meant to constitute expert advice. You should speak with an expert before making any changes to your vehicle. Read the Product Disclosure Statement before you make any decisions regarding our products. Contact us for a copy.

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