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Seven experiences you probably didn’t know you could have in Australia

Staying at an underground hotel in Coober Pedy; Catching a train to nowhere in far north Queensland; Welcome to seven of the country’s most unusual experiences.

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Road trip tips for families

It's an age-old problem on long-distance road trips to your favourite holiday destination. How do you entertain the family along the journey and make the experience enjoyable for everyone? While iPads and similar devices are the obvious choices when taking on a road trip, below are some alternatives to engage the whole family.

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The Dexter Sway Control (DSC)

The DSC system is a critical safety item to stabilise the sway of a trailer or RV by continuously monitoring trailer yaw, side-to-side movement, left and right of the tow vehicle.

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Buying a caravan

If it’s been your dream to go and see Australia, or to create great family memories that you ‘ll talk about for years, then caravanning is the way to go! The decision to buy a caravan is a big one, so getting it right will ensure you fully enjoy life in the great outdoors.

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Hire out your caravan or RV with Camptoo

There is nothing quite like travelling by road around the ever-changing landscapes of this spectacular country. However, not everyone has a caravan, motorhome or camper trailer to be able to live out this experience. This is where Camptoo can help.

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Places we go - the great Aussie drive

CIL is proud to support one of Australia’s most heart warming travel shows on TV 'Places We Go - The Great Aussie Drive'.

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Towing courses

To take the stress out of your first holiday on the road, we highly recommend taking a towing course.

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Quiz – how badly do you need a break?

Half the year has already passed and it’s starting to feel like the Christmas holidays were a lifetime ago. Unfortunately, the next lot of summer holidays aren’t even close, and yet you’re noticing signs that you require time away. Just how badly do you need a break? Find out by taking this fun quiz.

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