Quiz – How badly do you need a break?

Half the year has already passed and it’s starting to feel like the Christmas holidays were a lifetime ago. Unfortunately, the next lot of summer holidays aren’t even close, and yet you’re noticing signs that you require time away. Just how badly do you need a break? Find out by taking this fun quiz. Remember how many As, Bs, and Cs you get!

Question 1: What instantly comes to mind when someone utters the word ‘Monday’?

a) It’s only a few more days before it’s Friday.

b) A deep urge to curl up in a ball and hide under a desk.

c) More swear words than you’d hear on the footy field.

Question 2: Getting up each workday is as difficult as…

a) Assembling a model plane with only Chinese instructions.

b) Reading the 752-page novel The History of the Toothbrush.

c) Climbing Mount Everest. Twice. In bare feet.

Question 3: What sentence best describes your daily commute?

a) I swear it now takes longer than ever.

b) I’d prefer to spend an hour at the dentist.

c) I’d prefer to spend an hour lying on hot coals while at the dentist.

Question 4: What song best sums up your current mood?

a) Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz.

b) Free Fallin by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

c) Anything from Rage Against the Machine.

Question 5: What is your first thought when seeing a friend’s social media status of them relaxing while on holiday?

a) Gosh, I wish I were there right now.

b) Holidays again?! Do they even work?

c) How do I defriend them?

Question 6: How are you feeling at this exact moment?

a) I need chocolate. And a hug.

b) I can’t even muster the strength to think that deeply.

c) Are you absolutely sure I’m not a zombie?

Question 7: When did you last have time to truly appreciate the sunshine?

a) By the time it had disappeared for the day.

b) What sun?

c) When the office was evacuated during a fire drill. I’ll treasure those five minutes forever.


Mostly A: You got CODE YELLOW

While in reasonable shape, you are certainly dedicating more time to day-dreaming about holidays than usual. To ensure your everyday life doesn’t take a turn for the worse, treat yourself to a short break. This way, you’ll feel revitalised and refreshed and ready to fend off the threat of daily challenges when they try to slap you in the face.

Mostly B: You got CODE ORANGE

You are more snappy and sarcastic than usual and the winter blues have clearly gotten the better of you. All that’s required to return to your normal self are a few days away. Take the time to relax and you’ll surely return to your routine with a more positive approach and a fresh outlook.

Mostly C: You got CODE RED

Wow! That blood pressure is far too high. You’re more overdue for a rest than the average queen bee. Not only are you in desperate need of a break but it’s so bad that those around you require a holiday, too. Take time off and you’ll be a new person in no time. In fact, your friends and colleagues won’t even recognise you.

Now that you’ve identified the need for a break, you’ll love the August deal that BIG4 have lined up. BIG4’s ‘Stay 4, Pay 3’ promotion provides even more reason to take a holiday – check out the list of participating parks here.

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