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Dometic introduces dynamic absorption refrigeration range

From the world leaders in portable cooling comes the RMDX range, a series of absorption refrigerators designed for excellent performance in all conditions.

RV owners can expect the best cooling performance in the market with the new RMDX range, which is made possible by the addition of the new Dometic tropical cooling unit. The tropical cooling unit’s unique design features a larger evaporator and an optimised gas heat exchanger. The result of these additions is superior cooling performance in both the refrigerator and freezer cabinets. In addition to high levels of performance, the tropical cooling unit adds a level of versatility not previously offered in the portable cooling market.

Head of Marketing, Justine Schuller said: ”We are very excited to be able to launch the tropical cooling unit. Extensive research and development has been undertaken to ensure that consumers have the best experience possible. With increased cooling performance and more flexible servicability, we have an enormous amount of confidence in this product range. The RMDX supports our mission of providing smart solutions and reliable products with outstanding design”.

The tropical cooling unit is available as a spare part for the RMDX range, meaning it can be easily replaced if required, resulting in less time spent in service and more time spent enjoying chilled food and beverages on the road.

The RMDX range maintains excellent performance in both high and low ambient temperatures with the introduction of twin 12 volt ventilation fans. Controlled by temperature, the twin fans only operate in high ambient temperatures to ensure excellent cooling performance in heat, whilst maintaining energy efficiency in cool conditions.

By no means is high performance the only focus of the RMDX range, it also features stylish interior and exterior design. The RMDX range inherits the sleek black exterior of its predecessors, while the interior features fresh solid white shelving highlighted by crisp LED lighting.

The interior of the RMDX range has undergone a cabinet redesign, adding an additional shelf to take the total number of shelves to four. Installation of shelves is a breeze with the RMDX range as tools are not required. This user-friendly feature is unique to the RMDX range.

The range is available in two different models; the RMDX 21 & RMDX 25. The RMDX 21 model features Manual Energy Selection (MES), whereas the RMDX 25 model features Automatic Energy Selection (AES).

Much like its predecessor, the RMDX range has no moving parts, meaning it remains completely silent during operation. This ensures that consumers can get a long, peaceful nights’ sleep before embarking on their next adventure.

For more information on the Dometic RMDX 21 & RMDX 25 absorption refrigerators, please visit

About Dometic

Dometic enriches people’s experiences when away from home by providing smart, reliable products with outstanding design for mobile living in the areas of Climate, Hygiene & Sanitation and Food & Beverage. Dometic manufactures and sells products within these categories for use in mainly recreational vehicles, trucks and premium cars, cruisers and work boats, and for a variety of other uses.

Dometic operates 22 manufacturing/assembly sites in the North America, South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. Dometic products are sold in more than 100 countries. Dometic has 6,500 employees and is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.

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