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Practical tips from the road

The magic of caravanning and camping is not just in the freedom of travel and escape to a simpler way of living – even just for a few days -but it’s also the ingenuity and creativity inspired from the need to travel light.

This is when unassuming everyday household items become multi purpose problem solving wonders. As they say, necessity is the mother of all invention, as your fellow travellers know well. Here are just some of the tips they’ve shared with us in CIL’s recent Tips from the Road Facebook competition:

  • Wash as you go! Place your dirty laundry, water and detergent in a bucket with a lid in your caravan while you drive between destinations. The agitation will do the washing as you go. You’ll save time and laundromat cost. Use wool wash, and you won’t have to rinse.
  • Don’t throw out your used tea bags as they can double up as great fire lighters for the BBQ or open fire. Just dry them out and soak in methylated spirits. When required, place them at the bottom of the BBQ or firewood and light. They’re safer than firelighters, will last as long, and they don’t smell as bad.
  • We know stubby holders like to party, but make them work harder in between drinks! Use them to store glass items in your cupboards and fridge to prevent breakage during towing.
  • Put some fluoro party glow sticks as bracelets on your kids at night. They’re available from supermarkets for a few dollars. Your kids will have fun wearing them and they’ll be easier to spot around the caravan park.
  • Pack your garden solar lights and place them around your campsite so people don't trip on tent pegs. They’re cheap, and you’ll save on bandages and power costs.
  • Baking paper is your new best friend when BBQing! It keeps the marinade from sticking to the hotplate, reduces cleaning time, and if you’re using a public BBQ, it protects your food and stomach from harmful germs and bacteria.
  • Pack zip lock bags in different sizes. Organise your luggage, toiletries, pack and seal dirty laundry and wet clothing. They’re also great as lightweight and compact storage of pre-cooked frozen meals, and you can premeasure ingredients for your favourite recipes.
  • At night, place your picnic blanket (one with a rubber backing) under your mattress to stop the cold from coming through.
  • Stop ants from moving into your caravan and raiding your pantry by placing talcum power around the entry, tyres and jockey wheel.
  • Velcro tape has to be up there as one of the best inventions since sliced bread! Pack some for unexpected problems such as broken cupboard latches, fridge doors and drawers.

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