Gas Safety – When Off Road Driving

Energy Safe Australia (ESA) has issued a timely warning for caravan owners planning to head off-road or access rough terrain 

One of the contributing factors identified by ESA is the excessive vibration caused by continuous driving off-road or on rough terrain, the consequences of which can be very dangerous. In some cases the strong vibrations in the caravan are transmitted through to the gas system and appliances, damaging the gas installations. In other more extreme cases the gas appliance developed a leak, and an explosion occurred resulting in injury to passengers.

To minimize the risk of being involved in a gas explosion, Energy Safe Australia is recommending caravan owners check their connections, gas cylinder and hoses so that they are not a disaster waiting to happen, particularly after returning from a trip on rough or poor quality roads.

A tell-tale sign of a faulty gas connection is the distinctive smell of leaking gas. If you can smell gas then you need to take action.

Safety Tips:

  • Switch off the gas and all appliances connected.
  • Check for any loose connections and hoses that have visibly deteriorated and for cylinders that look damaged.
  • Don’t use the appliances connected until you have identified the source of the leak.
  • Have it checked by a gasfitter, and repair any leaks or damage.

It’s always worthwhile checking all your caravan gas connections before, during and after your trip, as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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