Securing your caravan the CIL way

Leading Australian RV and caravan insurer CIL provides a list of the top things you can do to protect your caravan from the risk of theft.

Greg Matton, CIL’s Operations and Support Manager, said that when you’ve been providing insurance, support and commitment to the RV industry for as long as CIL has, you learn about the needs of the RV enthusiasts.

“From our experience in assisting customers with claims, we’re aware of the types of situations and opportunities that thieves look for,” Mr Matton said.

“Many of the caravan robberies that are reported to us have occurred while the caravan is parked in an exposed area on the insured’s property or street. Therefore, we always advise our customers to be conscious of their caravan’s security when they’re at home as well as when they’re on holidays.

“The most common items that we see reported as stolen from within our customers’ caravan or RV are fishing rods, laptops, cameras and other small items that can be easily concealed.

“We know how devastating it can be to discover your caravan or RV has been broken into. But there are a few simple steps caravan owners can take to try and deter thieves and minimise the risk of theft.”

CIL’s theft prevention tips

1. Fully close your windows and lock your doors whenever you leave your caravan or RV, even if it is parked on your own property.
2. Try to store your caravan in an enclosed environment, for example, a fenced-off yard or storage facility.
3. At night, try to park your caravan or RV in a well-lit, populated and secure area.
4. Never leave your car or RV running while it is unattended.
5. Ensure you remove any valuable items such as wallets, mobile phones, handbags, cameras and laptops from your caravan before leaving it unattended.
6. If you must leave personal items in your caravan or RV, ensure that they are out of sight, or concealed in a safe or security box.
7. Don’t hide a spare set of car keys anywhere in or around your car, caravan or RV.

Consider investing in a security device such as a wheel clamp, hitch security device, alarm, steering lock, engine immobiliser or tracking device.

Source: CIL Media Release

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