Product Disclosure Statement

SecureTM Caravan Insurance Product Disclosure Statement

The purpose of this Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is to help you understand the SecureTM Caravan insurance policy and provide you with sufficient information to enable you to make an informed decision about it. Before you decide to buy this product from us, please read this PDS carefully.

You will need to read this PDS for a full description of the policy terms, exclusions, conditions, limits and definitions.


Welcome to CIL Insurance

CIL Insurance was formed in 1962 to cater for the needs of the caravan industry. Since then, CIL Insurance has grown to be a specialist Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurer. Today CIL Insurance offers a range of insurance products to cover caravans, campers, motorhomes and trailers.

CIL Insurance is a division of AAI Limited, who can trace its origins back to 1833 in Australia. During this time we have successfully protected our customers’ personal and business assets.

CIL Insurance aims to provide our customers with certainty and peace of mind, through innovative, specialised and expert insurance offerings.

Who is the insurer?

AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807, AFSL 230859 trading as CIL Insurance is the insurer of the insurance policy and is the issuer of this PDS.

How you contact us

You may contact us by calling:

  • the telephone number shown in your schedule;
  • your insurance adviser; or
  • 1800 112 481,

or alternatively by writing to us at the following address:

PO Box 1831
Brisbane QLD 4001

About the authorised representative or distributor

If an authorised representative or distributor of ours arranges this policy:

  • they will be acting with the authority of CIL Insurance and be our authorised representative or distributor, not your agent, in all matters concerning this insurance,
  • they will receive a commission, and
  • neither the authorised representative, distributor nor any of its related companies guarantees the benefits payable under the contract.

Important information

It is important that you:

  • read all of the PDS before you buy this insurance product to make sure that it gives you the protection you need, and
  • are aware of the exclusions, conditions and limits on the cover provided and the amounts we will pay you, and the excesses that may apply to a claim.

Some words used in the PDS have special defined meanings. The definitions of these words can be found in the Terms Explained section.

For the policy limits:

  • some of these will be stated in the PDS (these are our standard policy limits), and
  • the remainder will be stated in your policy schedule.

Cooling off period

After you take out this insurance or renew your policy for another period of insurance, you have 30 days to consider the information in your PDS. This is called the ‘cooling off period’. If you wish, and provided you have not made a claim, you can cancel your insurance within 30 days from the day cover began or was renewed. We will then refund in full any money you have paid and you will not be able to make a claim.

To cancel at other times, please see “Cancelling your policy”.

Exclusion for new business policies

We do not insure you for any loss or damage caused by flood, a named cyclone, bushfire or grassfire occurring within 72 hours of the start of your policy, unless your policy commenced:

  • the day you bought your caravan, or
  • immediately after another policy covering the same caravan expired (the policy did not expire if it was cancelled) without a break in cover.

Types of Cover

Caravan cover
Subject to the policy terms and conditions, we provide cover for loss or damage to your caravan.

Annexe cover
Cover for loss or damage to your annexe is optional.

Contents cover
Subject to the policy terms and conditions, we provide $1000 cover for loss or damage to your contents in your caravan or an annexe. You can choose to take out extra contents cover. We do not provide cover for contents in a trailer.

Australia wide or On-site only cover
Subject to the policy terms and conditions, we provide cover Australia wide unless you wish to restrict the cover to on-site only cover. If you want on-site only cover, please tell us and if we agree, this will be shown in your schedule. See Section 5 - Optional Covers for more details about on-site only cover.

Cover for trailers or horsefloats
You have the option to insure a trailer or horsefloat, instead of a caravan, under this policy. If you want cover for a trailer or horsefloat, please tell us and if we agree, the trailer or horsefloat will be noted in your schedule.

See Section 5 - Optional Covers for more details about the cover provided for horsefloats.

Extending your cover
You can add these optional covers for extra premium: