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SinePower MSP2012 2000W Pure Sine Inverter

A pure sine wave for sensitive appliances.

It’s like having a domestic mains socket on board: the WAECO SinePower MSP2012 pure sine wave inverter turns 12 volts battery voltage into pure 230 volts AC.

This makes it an ideal mobile power source for electric appliances that are sensitive to fluctuations in the onboard power supply. Generating an amazing 2000 watts of continuous power, the WAECO SinePower MSP2012 will also cope with power-intensive appliances. This premium quality unit has a super-smart design and provides a whole host of handy details, including a mains priority circuit, separate outputs for connection of an external ON/OFF switch, a cable organiser to neatly route cables, adjustable clip-on mounts, and many more.

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