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The CIL Travel Saver Card

CIL is 50! To celebrate five decades as Australia’s leading caravan and RV insurer, we’re rewarding every CIL Insurance policy holder with a gift of a CIL Travel Saver Card following renewal or new policy payment made before 25 March 2016. This isn’t just any discount offer - Travel Saver is the only benefits program accredited by Australian Tourism.

As a CIL insurance customer, not only will you get comprehensive cover for your caravan or RV, but for 12 months you’ll enjoy access to literally thousands of everyday and travel offers and discounts Australia wide –including theme parks, tourist attractions, restaurants’, tours and adventure sports – and so much more!  Just think of how much you could be saving, whether you’re home or away.

How do I get my CIL Travel Saver Card?

Current CIL Customers

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you! You’ll receive your CIL Travel Saver card within 4 weeks of your renewal payment, provided you renew before 25 March 2016.  Your card will be valid until the date shown on your card.

Not a CIL Customer?

Become a  CIL customer!  You’ll receive your CIL Travel Saver card within 4 weeks of policy payment.  Your card will be valid until the date shown on your card.

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How to View and Select Offers?

View the full range of offers online and use the search function on the ‘Offers’ page to filter thousands of travel savings by State, Region and Category.

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Download your Free CIL Travel Saver App

Search offers, or identify services around your current location while you’re on the go anywhere in Australia.  Download app

How to Redeem Offers

Offers can be either redeemed by booking online via the CIL Travel Saver Website or by presenting your card to the service provider.

CIL Travel Saver Card Support

Email CIL Travel Saver Card Support at if you have any questions or difficulties in using your card.  The CIL Travel Saver support team will reply to your query within 48 hours (during weekdays).

Terms and Conditions

The CIL Travel Saver Card is provided by Aussie Travel Pass Pty Ltd on behalf of AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807 trading as CIL Insurance and is subject to the Card’s terms and conditions of use, available at CIL Insurance is a trading division of the insurer, AAI Limited. Please read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement before making any decision regarding the product. Click here for a copy

Privacy View the CIL Travel Saver Terms & Conditions View the FAQ

Start Saving Today!

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  • Cinema Tickets
  • Restaurants & wineries
  • Accommodation
  • Theme Parks
  • Golf Courses
  • Day Spa
  • Adventure sports
  • Tours

Plus thousands more!

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